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Leaders in vinyl window solutions.

Our Auburn Series vinyl windows come in standard and customized sizes to fit your commercial or residential specifications. We work directly with architects, builders, and contractors on design, manufacture, and installation.

Auburn Series

Need custom aluminum windows? Our SEALCRAFT line is the solution.


Single-hung windows have one sash the portion of the window that moves up and down. This style is also known as single-sash or single-hung sash.

Due to their affordable cost and easy operation, single-hung windows are among the most popular window styles for commercial and residential building designs.


Our Auburn Series single-hung windows are constructed using today's leading vinyl technology to ensure a stylish appearance while maintaining a proper fit and energy efficiency.

Single Hung


Geometric window frames add an extra layer of visual character and come in various arched and radial shapes and sizes.

Geometric windows are popular for builders or homeowners looking to add or improve curb appeal and natural light to spaces while maintaining energy efficiency.

We offer various shapes and custom sizes for geometric windows


Fixed Picture

Picture windows provide a large, fixed pane that allows for a clear, unobstructed view of your surroundings and outdoor scenery.

Picture windows don't have any moving parts and provide no ventilation or airflow. These windows are often used to highlight outdoor scenery in living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms where natural light is preferred.

Our Auburn Series picture windows are energy efficient and custom-designed to your specifications.

Picture Windows

Single Slider

Similar to single-hung windows, but instead of sliding up-and-down, the sash slides side-to-side. A popular window option that provides ample unobstructed views while maintaining a sleek design profile.

Horizontal sliders are a great design choice for rooms that face walkways and porches and are popular due to their ease of use and flexible design specifications. 

We offer single-sash horizontal sliders that work well with both contemporary and traditional-style buildings and homes. 

Single Slider

Sliding Door

Also referred to as a 'Doorwall', our vinyl sliding glass doors are perfect for new construction and renovation projects alike.

Sliding glass doors provide an abundance of natural light and allow easy access to the outdoors. Our Auburn series sliding glass doors are energy-efficient and visually appealing in a variety of architectural styles.

Patio Door.jpg
Sliding Door

What to expect.

Phase 1: Design

Our window professionals will help you design and finalize specifications for your windows and doors.

Phase 2: Manufacture

We manage over 500,000 square feet of production space equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing tech.

Phase 3: Delivery

Once your windows are manufactured, we'll coordinate with your installation team to deliver your windows to the job site.

Phase 4: Support

We strive to be a reliable source for ongoing support and maintenance related to your custom windows.

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